Events in Edinburgh

Edinburgh at night

Edinburgh is the Culture Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is well known for it’s vibrant nightlife and festival culture. With hundreds of events all year round there is no shortage of things to do and see in the city whatever your interests.

The city is also growing as a business centre in Scotland – click here to read more about business in Scotland.

In a city saturated with events, shows, businesses and brands how can you get yourself noticed?

Advertising is the answer!

  • Leafleting is one of the main marketing tools used in Edinburgh. Businesses use this technique to promote their brand.

Leafleting is the perfect for reaching your company’s demographic in major cities such as Edinburgh. Targeting travel hubs is ideal when wanting to reach busy professionals for your business, be a restaurant/bar, nearby event or a new product. For leaflet advertising in Edinburgh, click here.

  • Outdoor advertising is incredibly popular in Edinburgh and for good reason. With a bus network spanning the city and the surrounding areas, placing an advert on a bus means it will be seen by thousands of people every day.

Get in touch with Exterion Media in Edinburgh to find out more about advertising on buses in Edinburgh.

  • Online marketing and social media is also a great tool to use to promote your event or business. Let all your followers know the latest news about your event. Students and also young professionals are heavy users of social media like Facebook and Instagram.

It is also a good idea to start a blog and to have a well designed website. Hiring a web designer and SEO expert are well worth the investment for your business.

For a helpful guide to planning your event click here.