Civil Partnership in Scotland

Civil Partnership in Scotland

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 was passed through and approved by  Westminster Parliament in the month of November in 2004, and came into effect on December 5th 2005.

Under this Act, it allows for same-sex couples can register a civil partnership, which has basically  the same legal effects, rights and obligations as a same sex marriage does for mixed-sex couples.

For that reason alone , civil partnership is sometimes referred as  a ‘gay marriage’. Visit this page

However, legally, its still not regarded as a marriage , but is a separate, segregated system, itself a form of discrimination, and we are currently campaigning for equal marriage.

In Scotland, the civil partnership is available to same-sex couples, so long as both of you are of the age 16 and above, and neither is already in a civil partnership or married.

Like marriage, civil partnership is not available for close relatives (e.g. two sisters, father and son, aunt and niece).

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Unlike England and Wales,  in Scotland  you don’t actually need to have parental permission to register a civil partnership while aged 16 or 17.

History of Affirmation Scotland

History of Affirmation Scotland

Affirmation Scotland offers to the LGBT public of Scotland to a great  ministry of care, hope and advocacy to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians, their families and the supporters.

It also wants to contribute to the debate within the Kirk on human sexuality from a positive progressive perspective.

Affirmation in Scotland is seeking to:

  • In creating safe places and times for gay people and their friends to meet for worship, fellowship, and support.
  • Organise certain events that promote an inclusive church as most churches don’t believe in civil partnerships.
  • Provide useful resources to the Kirk and the huge LGBT community promoting the belief that God welcomes anyone into his family all people regardless of gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • Speak out for pride, dignity and place of gay Christians whenever this is under attack.
  • Respond appropriately to all approaches by the media for comment on issues related to the Kirk and LGBT.
  • Trying to be a huge presence  reminding the Kirk in a consistent way that the LGBTcommunity has always been and is present within the Kirk.